Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Do you think the Femen movement is wrong?

Many feministic blogger and activists in germany react very negative to the femen movement, recently because of a protest of Femen in front of a mosque in Berlin against women discrimination by the Islam. I am not aware of all of the Femens aims. But I am unhappy about the negative non-discussable reaction of many other feminist circles in germany, who accuse Femen of racism.

Is Femen really that wrong? Can we hide behind tolerance and ignore human right violations in our own countries?

Shouldn't we show solidarity to women of all cultures & skin colors and not only to those of our own. Wouldn't a lack of this solidarity already be racism?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a somali-dutch feminist activist, writer and politician, was speaking in Australia about the danger to women rights due to immigration of women-hostile habits into the western countries: See the full video here.

These are the most important quotes:

"In the west, the patriarchy of immigrants from cultures, that have not caught on the freedom and equality ideal for women, is not subjected to the same critical scrutiny as is the patriarchy of the white man. Now, why? There are different reasons, but the most salient is Multiculturalism."

"Multiculturalism is moral racism disguised as broad mindedness."

"Multiculturalism is bad for women."

"Western feminists, as a result of multiculturalism have neglected systematically and failed miserably to include immigrant women in the emancipation project in any meaningful way. There are exceptions. But that is the sad truth. Is it western feminists who should be taking on immigrant misogynists? You bet!"

"Feminists must unite to initiate interests and cultivate advocates within and among immigrant communities."

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was the screenplay writer of the dutch Theo van Goghs movie Submission. Adjacently to several death threats to both of them, Theo van Gogh was murdered in 2004. Today, Ayaan Hirsi Ali lives in the USA.

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